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Meet the dream team!

We’re a girl gang of photographers passionate about capturing love in all its forms. We’re women who work incredibly hard at our craft, then let loose over beer and pizza. We’re humans who suck at dancing but dance anyway, because ain’t none of us got time to worry about doing the moves right. At the end of the day, we all believe this life is about soaking up the little things between the big moments. That’s where the magic actually lives. 


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Are you a Honey Couple?

You’re spontaneous, you’re unique, you’re real. You’ve got rough edges and an unforgettable smile, a favorite leather jacket and a constant craving for anything Happy Hour. You’re quirky and nontraditional. You’re perfectly imperfect. You and your boo believe in working hard in order to play hard, and dream of one day cross-country roadtrippin'. Shoot... you already have the perfect playlist of old school hits in mind. You’re starry-eyed and in love with your best friend. You’re a smitten kitten.

Your love story is uniquely yours, & we’re so ready to celebrate that with you.