Katie + Zach | Oregon Lodge Wedding

Katie and Zach met when they were basically tiny children. I take that back. It was more like early teens, but that's essentially babies in the grand scheme of things. So anyway, these babies started dating when Katie finally confided in her best friend Moriah that she had a crush on Zach. The kicker? Zach was Moriah's little brother. 

Like any awesome big sister who knows a good thing when she sees it, she was ECSTATIC at the prospect of Katie dating Zach. Fast forward years and years, these two are finally legit sisters. This wedding was a family affair on all accounts. Best friends becoming sisters. A beloved uncle officiating. And to top it off, Katie's mom Janel planning and executing the whole shebang. 

While Katie lived out of state, Janel and her family and friends burned the midnight oil to make all of Katie and Zach's dreams come true. Janel even made the tables. You guys. SHE MADE THE RECEPTION TABLES. The tiniest details like the matches attached to the sparklers and the local honey jars as gifts were all signs of a mother's love. And the love didn't stop with just the mother of the bride. The wedding party was even up late the evening before baking all the mini pies from scratch!

TL; DR: Katie and Zach are loved to bits. 

I was so honored to be able to celebrate with them in Hillsboro, Oregon at the Scholl's Valley Lodge. It was a gloriously, dreary, rainy Oregon day filled with so much laughter, and a seriously epic dance party! 

WeddingAlyss Charles