Vanessa + Johnny | Pumpkin Patch Engagement Session

“If you’ve got it, haunt it, boo I know you want it.” - Beyonce on Halloween, probably.

In case that wasn’t enough to get you in the full fledged fall spirit, sit yourself down with a PSL if you please and meet Vanessa and Johnny. Twinkly lights, rows of ghoulish gorgeous gourds, perfect pumpkins, and these two lovebirds stealing kisses amongst it all. The dream fall engagement shoot! When we first met for our client meeting, we fell for these two right away. When Vanessa explained that she knew engagement photos are usually captured scaling some seaside cliffs or standing in a field of wildflowers, we couldn’t help but agree. Those shoots are incredible, magical, and breathtaking from beginning to end, no doubt!

With a smile on her face, Vanessa explained that that simply wasn’t them, in fact they had a tradition that they felt was the perfect place for us to capture their love. A local pumpkin patch. YAS. Vanessa jokingly thanked us for indulging her "basic dreams" but let me tell you what. If this basic, we don’t want to be un-basic. Basic witches, unite! This shoot felt like actual magic, and we are beyond excited to share it with you guys!

Vanessa and Johnny met downtown, dancing. At a club. Tell us that isn’t the cutest ‘meeting the love of your life’ story, ever! They shared one dance, then another, then found themselves dancing the night away and now here we are. As we shot them laughing and twirling underneath those rows of twinkly lights at their favorite pumpkin patch, we couldn’t help but totally geek out. Here we were capturing these soulmates in their favorite place, dancing as they’ll do for the rest of their awesomely fun, totally them, wonderful lives together. We have no doubt you’ll adore these pumpkin patch lovers as much as we do - is it too soon to call them future besties of ours?

Vanessa and Johnny, keep being YOU cause you two are awesome - we're so excited to be part of your love story! Enough from us...check out these two! Happy Halloween!

LoversAlyss Charles