Mara + Connor | Coronado Sunny Floral Wedding

How can I even begin to describe this ridiculously perfect wedding?? Sometimes we get to work with clients that feel like friends from the get-go. The laughter falls freely and easily. The conversation and the jokes are passed around as easily as a frisbee... if I were good at that sort of thing. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like cheese and wine. Like coffee and life. 

The day couldn't have matched their personalities better had we tried. What we thought would be an overcast day turned into the sunshiny-est afternoon with a killer blue sky. We spent the afternoon twerking with the most kind-hearted bridesmaids, tried to corral two doggie ring bearers who had zero chill, resisted stuffing our faces with all the donuts, and partied it up on the dance floor side lines with some of the happiest guests we've ever seen.

We walked away from this wedding with faces that hurt from smiling too much. THIS is what we love about our jobs. Days like these where it feels like we're just hanging out with our friends. Mara and Connor, we are so so so so lucky to know you! 

Thank you Kim from Kim & Crew Event Design + Coordination for being just the sweetest coordinator ever. High five for an amazing day! 

WeddingAlyss Charles