A Day in the Life | A Summer Dream

Recipe for the BEST summer day of anyone's childhood:

1. Fishing off your grandparents' dock

2. Eating 4th of July rocket popsicles in your 4th of July bathing suits

3. Cannonballing into the pool and then racing back and forth on your new tubes

4. Zipping around the lake in the boat (BONUS: your grandpa lets you drive)

5. Rocketing off the dock to try to make a bigger splash than your sibling

6. Playing with 4th of July pinwheels before noshing on hot dogs and ice cream sammiches

If that sounds like an absolute dream, then you're 10000% percent correct. And not just for a kid!  We'll take days like this any day of the week. I mean, it doesn't exactly feel like "work" when we get to cruise around in a boat and then eat leftover hot dogs while photographing the most adorable, giggly kids EVER.

The day TRULY was as happy as the photos make it seem. We love love love day in the life sessions like these. Days where the kids get to just showcase who they truly are in an environment that they're most comfortable in. 

Don't get us wrong. We love a good smile at the camera. But our hearts are for the candid. For the real. For those moments that make up the memories you'll have of your kids when those little feet are stomping on college grounds. 

The little furrow in his brow as your little boy concentrates on trying to tie his shoe or draw something just right. The confident ear to ear grin as your adventurous girl shows you her new "ninja move". Even the tears or grumpy face that your little emotional beasts give you when the day has just been too long or too full for anyone's own good. 

That's where your memories lie. That's the real deal. As they say, the days are long, but the years are short. We were so so so happy to capture a day in the life of these kiddos. Days of sunscreen, and fishing, and getting dirty, and running around barefoot. Hashtag summer vibes.

FamilyAlyss Charles