Sara + Jesse | Casa Estrella Garden Wedding

It takes more than a ceremony to make you a family. It takes years of loving even when choosing to love is hard. It takes searching for the good in your partner even after years of being together. It takes selfless love, sacrifice, and forgiveness when the norm becomes the sleepless nights after having two beautiful children. And it takes effort to keep each other a priority when life becomes routine.

Sara and Jesse have had the title "Mom and Dad" for years now. But on this day, with their little girls nearby, they chose to wear new hats: Husband and Wife. It was an amazing honor to be invited into their lives.

I got to witness these two get themselves all gussied up while still doting on and taking care of their sweet little people. From Jesse watching cartoons with his girls while in his suit, to Sara comforting her daughter while finishing up her makeup, these two superheroes (can we all agree that parents are superheroes in disguise) lived out the saying, "Family first."

WeddingAlyss Charles