Ania + Tony | Westin Gaslamp Downtown Wedding

Wanna hear the cutest story ever? Pop some corn because away... we... go...

Ania and Tony met in the heart of downtown San Diego, but not in any way that you'd imagine two beer loving city folk would meet. These two were set up by the cute little ol' ladies who lived in their apartment complex. Yup. Playing matchmakers, they arranged for them to finally meet over a cheese platter at one of the community meetings, and it was pretty much love at first sight. Straight out of a rom-com, these two. 

This last year has put Ania and Tony through the ringer with some pretty intense health scares, and if there were any reservations of their ability to get through the real stuff, they're long gone by now.

Tony said it best in his toast to Ania: "I definitely didn't know everything, but I did know that I could dive in blind and we'd be able to get through anything. It wouldn't be marshmallows and candy bars every day. Love doesn't have to look perfect, and that's okay. It'd be real and it can get you through the hard stuff."

We got to see the realness as they shed tears of joy (mostly Ania's tears) throughout this beautiful day at The Westin Gaslamp Quarter Hotel. We even turned on the charm to convince security to let us into one of the suites overlooking the city where their love story all began! It was MAGICAL.

WeddingAlyss Charles