Gabi + JT | La Jolla Dreamy Engagement

These two. Literally met them for the very first time when we both pulled up to our shoot location. Ok... we had video chatted before, so maybe that's cheating. But seriously before we even got to hug each other, we knew that we were meant to be friends fo' life. 

Gabi + JT = the best of all of us. They're incredibly intelligent and driven. They have a dog-child named Jackson who I might just steal on their wedding day. They have the level of commitment required to binge-watch 7 seasons of Scrubs in just 4 weeks. Oh, also? They met while both working away from home, and knew it was the real deal regardless of the fact that they'd both have to go their separate ways in 4 months. Long-distance did not break these two, yo.

And lastly, they're spontaneous and fun-loving enough to jump knee deep into ocean waters in a flowy dress and jeans. We shot these babes on the beach just a few steps away from where they'll be getting married later this fall.

That means I have 8 months to convince them to jump back into the ocean in their pretty wedding clothes... wish me luck!

LoversAlyss Charles