Kylie + Larry | Brick SD Wedding

If I had to sum this uber gorgeous wedding and day up into one (major run on) sentence it would be this…

Soulmates exist and when two hearts find each other at 14 and promise forever 9 years later in front of everyone they love dearly... I WILL BAWL MY EYES OUT. JK. I did manage to suck it up for the sake of the shots but YOU GUYS. It was a challenge.

When these beautiful souls were 14 YEARS OLD, Kyle’s MOH (her bestie since 4th grade) gave her the scoop on a cutie named Larry who seemed super sweet. Kylie and Larry did the whole “hold hands at lunch” boyfriend girlfriend relationship until Kylie was REALLY allowed to date at 16, something that Kylie’s Dad joked he learned the night of their wedding.

Clearly though, everyone in attendance that day knew wholeheartedly that what Kylie’s Dad said next was true: when he first met Larry, he knew his daughter’s heart would forever be taken care of. It was evident on their wedding day even in how attentive Larry was. When Kylie began to cry during their vows, he immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her into him, rubbing her back.

They stand as proof that when you cherish someone, grow with someone, learn with someone, and fully commit to someone... magic ensues. Magic like met-at-14-and-still-adore-you-always-will type of magic. Each and every toast spoke of Kylie and Larry’s matching tender hearts and the entire wedding felt like a visual representation of the love these two have poured out into the world and into each other.

Larry and Kylie, no doubt your forever will be epic, just like your wedding day. Thank you for including us in your big, best day ever!  

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