Alexis + Brian | Carlsbad Beer + Beach Engagement

Get ready for the coolest couple ever. A few reasons why I love these two in 3... 2... 

1. We started our session with beers in Pizza Port.

2. Alexis wore a "Feyonce" t-shirt and a leather jacket. DONE.

3. They specifically asked for urban photos with some graffiti. K SURE THING.

4. Alexis let me put my glasses on her for some badass photos in the bright, bright sun.

5. We finished with some dancing and splashing in the freezing ocean waters!

Having known this amazingly cool woman since high school, I just knew that whatever guy she chose to be her partner in life would be just as fun, driven, and light-hearted. Together, Brian and Alexis give off a "don't sweat the small stuff" vibe. They belly laughed throughout the whole session... even when they got caught in some thorns or were covered in sand.

We cannot WAIT for their wedding this year!

LoversAlyss Charles