JD + His Mama | In-Home Session

It won’t always be like this. Our lives will not always feel like we’re rushing, like we're always spinning all the plates, like we're always needing to sum up the energy of 10 five year olds just to keep up with our children. There won't always be mountains of laundry and smudgy fingerprints on the windows and smashed goldfish in between the couch cushions. We won't always be exhausted in the mornings because tiny bodies crawled into the bed at 1am to take up more than half of the bed. 

One day, our car rides won't be filled with playing twenty questions and listening to the same exact story for the umpteenth time. Dinner won't be spent begging our kids to take just ONE. MORE. BITE. of veggies. We won't be cramming all of our "me-time" and adulting into that 1.5 hours that occur once the kids are finally asleep.

It won’t always be like this.

There will be a day when these tiny creatures won't need us as much. They'll be less inclined to run into our arms and snug on the couch because they'll be running off with their friends. We WANT this healthy growth. We want our kids to carve their own mark in this world. We want to see them experience independence and work through who they are, what they like, who they want to become.

And when this happens, we'll have plenty of time "me-time". Time for the laundry, for hobbies, for our social lives, for slow mornings, for vacations.

But right now we have all this with our littles. All this beauty. All this wonder. All this joy. All the perfect mess. One day, they'll be writing their own stories. But today, there's a togetherness inside your own 4 walls that needs to be celebrated. No matter what your this is, it's your story. 

For Kelly and her little one, JD, their this is painting and wrestling in their comfy clothes in their home, and watching for the trash truck before racing out to wave hi from their driveway. Spring of 2018... THIS is their story.

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