Rachel + Taylor | La Jolla Colorful Engagement

Talk about freakin' dream clients. Listen to this love story. I'll make it short...

Setting: Virginia. Sweet and drop-dead-gorgeous Rachel meets handsome-baby-blue-eyed Taylor. Cupid's arrow releases and they're almost immediately in love. The Navy moves Taylor to SD, and Rachel stays by her man and joins him to build a life together on the sunny west coast. Taylor knew a slice of heaven when he saw one, and put a ring on it. The Navy has a fun way of deploying and moving around our loved ones, so these two are spending their current days simply enjoying what it feels like to call each other "FIANCE!"

We started our session in the gorgeous woods of Marian Bear Park. It was the perfect setting for some strolling and slow dancing to one of their songs, "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett. The whole experience may have converted these hiphop/EDM souls into country music fans... just maybe. We ended our time together on the shores of La Jolla where we not only were bathed in the rays of the golden sunset, but also in the most monstrous triple set of waves I've ever seen.

Not even kidding... RIP lenses.

Nothing sums up these two better though than watching them laugh while freezing and sopping wet to continue the session. Taylor even remarked that this whole engagement session experience had been fun and all, but that now it was straight up bad ass. THESE ARE OUR KIND OF PEOPLE. Their love, affection, and light-hearted spirits shine through it all. We cannot WAIT to see where life takes these two.

LoversAlyss Charles