Tori + David | La Jolla Pier Engagement

The worst thing about San Diego is that anytime you mention that you live there, someone will always mention a whale’s vagina (thanks, Anchorman). That minor inconvenience is about as bad as it gets though. Not convinced? Lemme lay it out for you... year-round sunshine, burritos with fries, and Taco Tuesdays on every corner. We've earned the title "America's Beer Capital" by housing over 200 breweries. We have some badass military bases, theme parks galore, and a growing art scene.

Lastly, we're the Renaissance man of nature: parks, beaches, hiking trails, coves, lakes, estuaries, nearby mountains, bays, YOU FREAKIN' NAME IT -- WE'VE GOT IT. 

So, anyway. What better place to fall in love than San Frickin' Diego?! Uncle Sam is soon moving Tori and David to the East Coast, but their hearts will still reside in our sunshiney city. Before embarking on a new adventure together, they chose to look adorable in the city where they met and fell in love. In an email to me, Tori actually said, "I know it's so basic, but I would love a photo under the La Jolla Pier."

Girl. Do you know who you're working with here?! We are the definition of basic. These two splashed around in their pretty clothes, made everyone nearby laugh with them, and waited patiently for our turn to take some basic (but GORGEOUS) pier photos. I'm so here for it!

LoversAlyss Charles