Jennifer + David | Cambria Intimate Garden Wedding

“And now I see that look shining on your face, your smile is warming up just like a sunny place, my worries disappear and all my fears erase, you’re my happy place…” - Goldford

These two. THESE TWO. Guys. Their love story is one for the ages, and I may or may not still be tearing up over here as I type these words. Give me a sec and you’ll be all “I have something in my eye…” too.

Meet Jennifer and David: the embodiment of ‘started as friends that bonded over two-hour commute phone dates and said they’d take things slow but became totally smitten with one another and fell madly, unequivocally in love’ types. You know. Totally normal. They knew they were each other’s forever and planned to get married once David’s two amazing (and sweetest, most thoughtful, intelligent, and fun-loving) teens were out of the home trekking on their own.

Then, life happened. Unthinkable, tough, gritty life. David had a stroke.

And instead of shying away or pulling back, Jennifer was, as ever, all in. All the way in. She had always been his person, but she took on roles that love doesn’t always ask of partners - she was David’s arms and legs when he couldn’t trust his own. She nursed him back to health and says he never once faltered in his incredible character, wit, cheekiness or charm. SOB.

It’s clear that there is no place these two would rather be, than together, side by side, tackling life. They love each other and their people without abandon or reserve - to be in the presence of Jennifer and David is to know a limitless, unending love.

After David’s stroke, both he and Jennifer set a goal for him to walk down the aisle with his children, to the song "500 Miles", on their wedding day.  HE DID. He went beyond that and spoke his vows loud and proud to his beautiful new bride, telling her all the ways he loved her today, tomorrow and forever. On a gorgeous, intimate day in a garden tucked in Cambria, surrounded by forty or so of their most cherished people, Jennifer and David said ‘I Do’.

I don’t know if they had set a goal to have the most tender, loving and precious wedding day, but they 100% did. Cheers to one of the sweetest love stories around. I couldn't feel luckier to have gotten a chance to help tell it.

WeddingAlyss Charles