Christina + Seth | Bahia Tropical Wedding

Okay, here we go. If you know the quote “loving you is fun” then by definition, you know this crazy happy couple: Christina & Seth. I swear they’re the embodiment of those words - and their wedding day was such a testament to that. Let’s start with how they met...

Our gorgeous bride Christina was out with her best friend (since Kindergarten - already sobbing) and when she laid eyes on her future man, she literally told her BFF that he was meant to be hers, and promptly ran home to change into a cuter outfit. Let us never underestimate the power of a good outfit and love at first sight, people. Because 10 years later, Christina married that dreamy guy from across the room - with her Kindergarten best friend as a Maid of Honor. SOB.

You can tell that when Christina and Seth are together, they’re their happiest selves. It’s easy to see that these two aren’t just soulmates (despite the fact that Seth is a Patriots fan and Christina is a Seahawks fan - hey, all great love stories have to have some tension) but that they’re best friends. In fact, when Seth called Christina’s Dad to ask for her hand in marriage, he told him just that - that he couldn’t imagine going through life without her, his soulmate, his best friend.

Seth, the incredible groom, could not take his eyes off Christina the entire night. He kept telling her, with this huge smile, that she looks SO GOOD in a wedding dress. They kept laughing and giving each other these looks of total amazement as if to say ‘Can you even believe this?!’ From their stunning first look to the mini puppet show Seth’s brother did (it was beyond) that had us rollercoastering from tears of laughter to tears of awwww... this wedding was one for the books.

We could not be happier that the King of Fun has finally found his Queen in the bohemian princess that is Christina. 

WeddingAlyss Charles