Anna + Hunter | Windandsea Cliffside Engagement

Have you ever met a couple who can not only withstand major beachside canoodling and forehead-rubbing in 80 + degrees, but actually freaking thrive in it? We're talking San Diego summer days so hot you start thinking Alaska may be your only option. But, then you see a couple like this and a beach like that and pictures like these and say “Bless You” to all of it.

Hunter and Anna somehow put up with our “in for a kiss!” and “tickle her now!” and “get it, girl!” in the sweltering heat and ended their engagement shoot looking like straight up supermodels (who are madly in love). More so though? We're pretty much besties now who we want watch Parks and Rec with them for hours on end. I’m not kidding. This is us shamelessly inviting ourselves over for some Netflix binging.

They both somehow stayed absolutely perfect - despite the temp and splashing and the thousand trillion kisses and belly laughter over Tom Haverford quotes. We're telling you, these two are unicorns that somehow found each other and now we get to capture all that love right here and share it with y’all.

Go ahead, take a look. Treat yo'self.

LoversAlyss Charles