Clara Ann + Brant | Oceanview Room Tropical Wedding

Full disclosure: I’m obsessed with Clara Ann + Brant. I know, I know, I say that all the time and truthfully, I always mean it but there is just something about these two that makes me feel ALL of the feels. Maybe it’s Clara Ann’s open book attitude - she’s a woman after my own heart, the type you instantly bond with, the kind of girl who shares and pours her heart out in the most wonderful of ways.

Our first email exchange had me hooked - she has this warm, familiar, almost deja-vu inducing heart of gold that seriously shone through her words and left me pouring my own dang heart out! Not even kidding, we very well could have emailed back and forth for hours on end (and maybe did, #NoJudgementPlease).

Maybe it’s Brant’s adorable fricken’ smile that seriously never once left his face the entire wedding day, or maybe it’s the way he looks at Clara Ann like she’s the absolute only road he’s ever imagined his life taking. Like, there she is. Tell me that isn’t the best way for someone to look at another person!

Clara Ann once told me that before Brant, she didn’t ever think she’d get married, let alone consider believing in ‘soulmates.’ I for one am pretty stoked she can now take those two statements back. Because on a gorgeous San Diego September day, surrounded by their favorite people, strands of twinkly lights, dreamy palms and the ocean - these two total soulmates said ‘I Do’.

Their big day was absolutely perfect - fun, joyful, intimate, light, warm, celebratory...everything you could ever want for two beach-loving babes who blissfully found each other. Clara Ann looked like an actual angel and Brant was absolutely beaming!  

I love their love, I love their story, I love their big hearts of gold and more than anything...I love that two people this incredible FOUND each other. To live their big, beautiful, beach-side, heart-of-gold lives together.

Cheers to forever, Clara Ann + Brant. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go email Clara Ann some more…#obsessed

WeddingAlyss Charles