Kylie + Larry | Marian Bear Park Engagement

I don’t want to spoil too much of this love story, because I’ma hit you with these two FULLY in just a few short months when they finally get to become husband and wife! For now, here’s the quick lowdown on these hotties…

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS. Yeah, like Larry straight up saw Kylie at one of their high school football games and was like, “THAT ONE.” Fate sealed.

PARISIAN PROPOSAL. While on vacay. With some fam members in tow. On a little bridge where they then put on their own love lock.

And now? An engagement session where they both emphatically claimed that they were awkward turtles who didn’t know how to even act in front of a camera. We were over here like, “k, same. We’re all in this together.” But then they looked like supermodels so now we’re just dealing with the fact that we seem to attract clients who are liars. So there’s that.

Really though, with Kylie and Larry, love is just secure. It’s easy and comfortable. But comfort isn't just about feeling like you're lying on clouds or becoming complacent. It’s about knowing the goods, the bads, all the nitty gritty and then still allowing space for each other to be 100% them in each other’s presence. It’s an ease that Kylie and Larry have built with each other that comes with building a life together for nearly 10 years now.

It’s with this sense of security that they’re heading into this next step in life… their wedding this November! Kylie and Larry, we cannot wait to celebrate with you two and to see you totally not be awkward in front of the camera again in a few months. YA’LL ROCKED IT!

LoversAlyss Charles