Alexis + Brian | Optimist Club Quirky Wedding

You guys. A perfect-for-each-other, had-to-be-meant-to-be couple got married in the most beautiful, bright, lovely, lush, vibrant, colorful, celebratory day and we got to be there. With every click of my camera, we couldn’t help but play this one Emery Allen quote over and over in my head.

“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.” - Emery Allen

Alexis and Brian found the definition of true soulmates in one another, and it's so obvious to anyone who is lucky enough to hang in their orbit (their gorgeous, fun, colorful, eccentric, hilarious, adorable orbit). They’re both so uniquely them: badass and bright! 

Funny enough, finding everything they could ever want in a partner came as a total surprise to them both. They stumbled upon forever in each other, and best of all, they found it with a simple swipe right on Tinder. It’s like the universe conspired to help them meet and build this big, bright life together.

Back to the big day though: a day that Alexis referred to as theme "THEM."

Every detail was a perfect nod to their love and their style. From the jaw-dropping bridal bouquet (I’m still dreaming of it, no joke) to the colorful donut assortment to the bride’s insanely awesome, floral sneakers, to the groom’s epic powder blue suit to the freakin' dinosaurs and llamas and thumbs up hands and ribbon wands... I could go on and on. It was clear each detail was a choice made with such intention and excitement. 

Alexis glowed like an actual angel and Brian quickly made it to our “Favorite Grooms” list.  If I could bottle up the way they looked at each other all day, I would. Alexis and Brian, may your forever be as FUN as your best day ever!

WeddingAlyss Charles