Sara + Abe | Brick Elegant Wedding

You + Me + The Dog…

(And every Beyonce song, ever)

Love is a lot of things. For Sara + Abe, it’s the Superbowl snack lineup including a cheese plate, accepting that the dog you raised from puppyhood loves your partner more than you, it’s Harry Potter and Game of Thrones marathons and knowing that everyday can’t always feel like it, but that on your wedding day - YOU ARE BEYONCE. ALWAYS. BEYONCE.

We freaking LOVE this couple. Sara is one of the most hilarious, unapologetically and uniquely HER brides we’ve ever met and man, we dig it. She’s confident and vibrant, a total straight shooter whose heart beats for Beyonce, avocados, a golden retriever named Lacy...and her incredible husband, Abe. But like, mostly Beyonce? KIDDING. Kind of…

And then there’s Abe. ABE! You can tell he’s the type of guy who everyone wants to be best friends with, a total work hard, play hard Eagles superfan, ultimate jokester that loves his new bride like crazy!

His best man’s toast was fifteen minutes long and consisted of epic love, epic pranks and the epic line of “So I saw this fuzzy little red head…” (Abe). Open dance included a pretty kickass chest bump between bride and groom, their gorgeous ceremony had Sara - LOOKING LIKE THE BEY-GODDESS SHE IS - walking down the aisle to a Beyonce song.

The entire day, you guys, was just like, BARGH. That’s a word, right? A word for a really freaking epic day, celebrating two best friends who seriously make love and forever together look like the MOST FUN ANYONE HAS EVER HAD. Cheers to THAT.

And to Beyonce. And to Lacy. Especially Lacy.

WeddingAlyss Charles