Shawna + Jacob | Paradise Falls Lush Wedding

It’s really hard to pick just one favorite part of this wedding day, so Ima hit you with a whopping five. DEAL WITH IT.

  1. When, in true best friends fashion, Shawna decided to pull the ULTIMATE prank on Jacob by coming out for their first look in none other than a friggin’ inflatable T-rex costume. I swear my heart has never pounded harder than when I had to act totally normal prepping Jacob’s emotions for all things sweet while seeing a massive blown up T-Rex Shawna in my peripheral.

  2. When, in true soulmates fashion, Shawna and Jacob exchanged their vows privately in what can only be referred to as a come-to-Jesus moment because I swear my heart will never be the same. Tears were shed by all parties and I just prayed that the blurriness I saw through my lens was only caused by my tears.

  3. When, in true hilarious Shawna fashion, she grabbed the mic and finally admitted to the entire crowd that YES… she had friendzoned Jacob harrrrrrrrd for years. Her maid of honor and childhood besties even reminded her that when they were young and planning their ultimate dream wedding, it was Shawna who had claimed that “her hubby BETTER be her best friend.” It was in the stars from the get-go. A toast to Jacob’s perseverance, because when you know a good thing, you hang on!

  4. When, in true Bridesmaids-turned-Beyonce fashion, Shawna and her girls sat Jacob into a chair on the dance floor and boogied all around him with the cutest choreographed number ever.

  5. When, in true pure unbridled joy fashion, the entire dance floor was packed from first song to last with some of the most hardcore dance moves we’ve ever seen. I’m talking people rolling on the floor (lookin’ at you, Tony…), people pulling Cate and me into the mosh pit, and people picking each other up and basically twirling them around probably kicking other guests. The celebration was on another level, and it was EVERYTHING I could ever hope for two people as wonderful as these two.

So, in a nutshell, it was one of my favorite days. Hands down. It was all things Shawna and Jacob. Strong friendships, tons of belly laughs, and plenty of smooching and looking like a snack straight out LOTR.

* cue confetti and dorky high fives *

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