Erin + Juan | Tropical Brick SD Wedding

Before I write any of our Honey blogs, I typically do a few things: treat myself to the biggest cup Better Buzz coffee has to offer, turn on some Beyonce, and then do a  “brain dump”. Everything from their first inquiry to our original meeting to the wedding day to their vows to the last song... I throw it all down and sit back to pull out the nuggets. Boom! There’s my blog.

Erin and Juan, we freaking LOVE YOU GUYS. From their first inquiry on, I knew this couple was going to embody Honey DREAM clients.

They’re polar opposites, they met during med school, and they enjoy spending any free time they get doing one of two things: running wild on vacations together or letting their beloved golden retriever do the wild running. Funniest hook of their reach out? “For the wedding, Juan wanted a big party and Erin is warming up to it... kind of like the beginning of their relationship, haha.” I can speak for all of us when I say I’m very glad Erin warmed up to both. They’re a brilliant, dynamic duo that fit together like puzzle pieces: Juan with his hilarious, outgoing presence and Erin with her magnetic, steady personality.

We always love our grooms and their awesome groomsmen, but JUAN AND HIS SQUAD, YOU GUYS. All caps necessary because they were so next level. He texted me the morning of the wedding to simply say: “HI! It’s Juan. I’m so excited it hurts!” He wanted over an hour of getting ready photos because he was just so excited to soak it all up and hang with his guys. Once we got Juan to his bride-to-be for their first look, I asked him to go for a kiss (gotta get that shot) and he exclaimed, “This is the best day of my life! Yeah I’ll kiss her!” Dream clients? Yes, dream clients. 

Erin is equal parts brilliant powerhouse and steady stunner. She’s just so cool and relaxed - even on her wedding day with a thousand things going on - she was laughing, loving every minute, and totally at ease. She was down for anything with pictures with Juan by her side, like riding Birds up and down the street. Also, I think it’s safe to say thatthe deets of their past globe trottin’ trips, including their bomb honeymoon to Bali, wouldn’t have come together as smoothly as they did without Erin. JUAN SAID IT! I just completely agree. Girlfriend makes shit happen.

Erin and Juan, your entire day was such a reflection of all the big-hearted love and incredible gratitude that fills your relationship. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story - it was everything and then some. May it always, always be! 

Photography: Honey Photographs | Coordination: Compass Design Events | Wedding Venue: Brick SD | Florals: Ruby Bloom | Hair/MUA: Bridal by Haydee | Catering: Miho Catering | Rentals: More Rentals, Platinum Event Rentals | DJ: DJ Artform | Groom Tux: The Black Tux |

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