Chelsey + Dalton | Brick SD Wedding

By now, I’m hoping most of you guys have watched/read/seen the memes of Marie Kondo’s fascinating method of ‘tidying up’. She essentially teaches us to pick up an item and ask ourselves if it sparks joy. If it does, then cue the confetti cannons, because BOOM. We’re keeping it.

Now, what on EARTH does Maria Kondo have to do with one gorgeous couple, a favorite red brick venue, an epic , actually breath-snatching gold geometric taped aisle by my girl Mandy from Ruby Bloom Floral Design? Simple: every single detail from Chelsey and Dalton’s big day sparked MAJOR joy for our Honey Team. From florals to candles to tearful private vows to dance floor moves. I’m talking, serious, smiles plastered all over our faces the entire night type of joy.

These two lovebirds are truly best friends - a cliche that’s only a cliche if it’s corny or untrue. Trust me. With them, it’s so true. Together, they’re a dynamic duo that is truly joy-filled. Exuberant even. As they read their vows privately to each other, eyes filling with tears (them, not us...ok us a little, too) and then in a snap bending over with belly laughs, their connection was palpable.

Chelsey and Dalton had told us that they designed their wedding day to truly feel like them and a celebration of everything they are together. They nailed it. The entire day was them. From meaningful names like “Dunder Mifflin” and “Gryffindor” in lieu of table numbers to the details of “date night ideas for the new happy couple” cards.

And these guests? They brought the FUN, too. Not only did they alllllllll enthusiastically wave around crazy fiber optic wands during the traditional dances, but they challenged Dalton for the title of “Most Energetic Dancer” out there during open dance.

(P.S. check the photos… Dalton won by a landslide).

For such a joyful, happy, in-love-with-my-best-friend type of couple (hashtag goals) I couldn’t have pictured a better, more perfectly “them” day. Cheers to forever, Chelsey and Dalton! No doubt it will be as fun-filled as your big day was.

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