Heidi + David | Intimate Marina Village Wedding

I quite literally said out loud during this wedding: “Oh my God, those family portraits were a freaking blast!”

All of our families always rock so hard, but something about this wedding was just ultra special. Both sides of the family were full of jokes, hugging, and crying the happiest of tears. That’s contagious, man. I carried that feeling with me the entire day and it was glorious.

Heidi and David are a self-proclaimed true tribute to “opposites attract, get married, and make the cutest freaking couples, ever.” They do have these big keys in common though: their senses of humor, their kindness, their love for their people, and their incredible love for each other.

David is sensitive and tender and kind, and I could pick up on all of this from just his wedding day alone. Known for his patented David Bear Hugs, it’s clear that he shows love so unabashedly, enveloping everyone, crying the happiest feel-good tears. As his lovely bride walked down the aisle, he shed those tears. He made it barely through the first sentence of his vows before the tears started. GAH, ALL THIS LOVE.

During toasts, David’s brother remembers the conversation they shared about Heidi after their first date. David told him that he’d never felt a instant, known-you-forever type of connection like this. As their first date came to a close, David drove home on cloud nine. As Heidi pulled up into the next lane, David prepped his heart for some sweet-wave-out-window moment with her. Instead, Heidi flips him the bird and hits the gas to race in front of him. It was in that moment, that he knew… she was the one. HUMOR PREVAILS.

It’s no surprise that he was overcome because I just wish ya’ll could meet his wonderful bride. It doesn’t take long to realize she’s the type of person that truly shows up, serves others, and cares in the biggest of ways. In her vows, she expressed that her parents had shown her such a strong example of marriage, that she didn’t think anyone could ever come close to the bar they’d set. But then in walked David. BOOM. The rest, as they say, is history.

David’s mom said it best when she said, “I prayed for you since before David was born. This is the very best day of my entire life.” This day was written in all the books. Heidi and David, you two had one of the most tender, loving, and joyous starts to your forever - I know you both are still standing in awe of it all! Don’t worry, I am too.

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