Megan + Tim | Brunch Santa Barbara Wedding


1. I’m officially OBSESSED with brunch weddings.

2. I’ve met a couple that competes in 100 mile bike races with total glee, and we’re now best friends.

Meet Megan and Tim: two incredibly loved, loving, lovers who said ‘I do’ with the most epic brunch wedding - a nod to their shared zest for the early hours of the day. If two early birds find each other, they get the worm and get married, that’s the saying, right? I want to write a novel about this day, this couple, this feeling.

Let’s start with Megan, a goddess of a glowing bride. She looked lit from within all dang day. In his vows, her now HUSBAND (woot woot!) Tim spoke of his adoration for her confidence, her steady commitment to building up others and her unrelenting kindness. She spends time fundraising for extraordinary causes because her heart is just one of those that beats to give and love on her people.

Oh, and she’s funny. Did I mention that? She’s literally beaming in I captured. She even played rock paper scissors with Tim over who had to read vows first.

Before I started shooting she told me, “Yeah, those pictures of the dress hanging on a hanger are great but really, just get as many candids as you can.” MY HEART. She and Tim love the moments. That’s where they live. In the glimpses between a bride and her mother, the flashes of smiles of their friends, the hands reaching out for one another in a moment of insane joy, the belly laughs… all of it.

Now, Tim. He is the sweetest soul that is nicknamed the Beast. When Megan and Tim compete in those crazy long bike races, he HAULS butt and finishes insanely fast. That’s already impressive but then he backtracks to wherever Megan is riding and finishes WITH HER. When Megan asked him how the heck he could even do that he told her he was motivated by love.

Tim tugs at my heart in the way he so tenderly and unabashedly shows his love for Megan. Megan’s father even thanked Tim’s parents for raising such a wonderful man - one who was strong enough to cry - and boy, did he shed those happy tears.

There is this saying in the endurance training world. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It’s clear that these two have become a rock solid team. Which as it turns out is perfect, because now they can wake up ridiculously early together for the rest of their lives! Cheers, cheers, CHEERS to Megan and Tim.

WeddingAlyss Charles