Rochelle + Ian | Big Sur Elopement

Three words: BIG. SUR. ELOPEMENT. (!!!!!!). Okay, now a few more words, though I’m not sure that there is much more to be said about two gorgeous people saying “I do!” in the most epic corner of a wooded campground surrounded by only a handful of their favorite people and their frenchie other than HOLY SHIZZZZ.

Let’s set the stage for their amazing story, one full of perseverance when you’ve found your person.

These two lovebirds are both in the Navy and met when on a ship in Japan. I’d like to call this the love boat from here on out because it is there that Rochelle and Ian first made heart eyes at each other, often, at the gym. All the heart eyes were happening but no words were exchanged until two days before Rochelle was set to leave the love boat and head back to San Diego. She’d wandered the entire ship hoping to “casually” bump into the hottie from the gym but after coming up empty-handed, she figured that was it.

PLOT TWIST: That was not it.

Rochelle spotted him during dinner, rushed over to him (practically throwing her tray in the process) and says: “HEY! Did you go to Notre Dame?!” He didn’t. That major opening line lead to hours of talking and laughing until their cheeks hurt, slipping off for drinks... and in total, only getting two days together before she flew 5,626 miles away. Turns out, 48 hours is all they needed to know.

They’d found their person. That’s what I love most about their story: while distance has always separated these two physically, they grew their love, their connection, their undeniable bond with all of the oceans between them. THAT IS SOME ROMANCE, FOLKS! They’re willing to put in the work and wait to be together. Even today, their careers have them in separate locations but in 2020 they’ll finally be able to be together in the same place, under the same roof! Rochelle and Ian have waited so long and clearly, the wait is beyond worth.

A drop-dead-gorgeous elopement in Big Sur featuring a couple that embodies the statement “when you know, you know”, plus a French Bulldog? Yeah. It’s just going to be all the buzzwords you can muster up. Beautiful, intimate, decadent, tender-hearted, fun, special, romantic. Everything.

Rochelle and Ian, we are SO happy for you both - may your forever be filled with all the togetherness and everything good.

WeddingAlyss Charles