Christine + Matt | Summery Liberty Station Wedding

I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THESE TWO AND THEIR WEDDING THAT I WOULD LIKE TO TYPE THIS ENTIRE BLOG IN ALL CAPS. I won’t, because I’m a professional ya know, but trust me… THE URGE IS THERE. I could write about this wedding for days on end. It was full of magic.

Meet this magical pair, Christine + Matt.

  1. They met on Bumble. I freaking love when I hear stories like this - the perfect mix of fate and technology, am I right? Their first date was golfing, aka our groom’s favorite thing in the world, besides Christine. Our bride takes her first swing, looks back over her shoulder and sees Matt beaming! They both agree now that it was a “love-at-first-swing/sight” smile. By the time Christine made it home to her roommate, she could sum the date up pretty easily. “He’s the one.”

  2. Because these gorgeous humans sort of fell for each other right there mid-swing, they incorporated their first date into their wedding day - saying “I do” on a picturesque golf course. The guests even got to put around during cocktail hour!

  3. The adorable flower girl blew bubbles and wore matching flower crowns and don’t even get started on the way the flowers draped across their arch. Is it weird to say that it felt representative of their love story? Fun, intentional, cool, relaxed, beautiful, abundant, joyful. I know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot for an arch to represent but I’m telling you, it did.

  4. The food. I’m 90% sure that the gourmet fish tacos and custom-made popsicles will be in my dreams for quite some time. The florals, which were so epically bright and lush that they deserve their own blog post. The weather. Sunny, that kind of temperature that makes you want to marry California, crystal clear blue skies. The live band that could have kept us dancing until dawn.

  5. THE FUN. Christine’s laugh. It is the purest, most contagious sound you’ve ever heard. You could hear it the entire day, even as we walked to the parking lot at the end of the night. Matt and Christine, your big day was the happiest day. A total hole in one - no doubt your forever will be, too!

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