Danielle + Paul | Retro Temecula Wedding

Our groom, Paul, is one of the raddest guys: he’s got this creative mind and perspective on life that I think is so rare to find these days. He isn’t about the shiny, luxury, next-best-thing. He’s about the history, the retro, the project, the hidden gems he can repurpose. He’ll get into a project, turning an item someone might have discarded into something you’ll be like “Hey, I want that!” He’s old school in that way, and I think that’s so cool. What’s even cooler is that he’s found someone who matches that rad factor in his new wife, Danielle.

I met the gorgeous bride the morning of, while she was getting ready. She’s hilarious and sassy and sweet. The Ultimate Trio. When she announced she was going for a “Priscilla Presley” vibe for her wedding look, I just knew. Paul had literally found himself his perfect match.

They are one of those couples that just work so well together you couldn’t imagine it any other way. They’re just better together, you could tell that as soon as the pair was reunited, everything was right in their world. They were floating, nothing else really mattered because there they were, together, doing the damn thing, in front of their people.

Paul and Danielle’s awesome wedding day was such a nod to their love for each other and their love of life, together. They’re major They had a freaking rock wall at their wedding - yes, you read that right - and of course, they both climbed it, wedding gear and all!

The decor was handmade and repurposed by the bride and groom themselves: the metal signs were foraged by Paul, the gorgeous paper floral wall was hand-crafted by Danielle, the little paper planes and scrabble signs were a joint-effort. Even the gorgeous antique plates were collected with such intention and purpose over the last year, in preparation for the wedding.

Even their getaway car, a classic VW Bug lovingly referred to as “The Death Trap”, was a project. It was Paul’s first car and the pair absolutely adore it, so it was only fitting that they headed off as husband and wife in it. What’s even sweeter is that Paul’s grandparents have photos from their own wedding day, driving off as husband and wife in their VW Bug. A total full circle, retro moment that tugs on the ole heartstrings in a big way.

Two more facts: 1. These two were made for each other. I can say with complete and total confidence; 2. “The Death Trap” ran beautifully that day.

Paul and Danielle, may your forever be full of treasure, rad retro repurposing, laughter, adventures and many more miles on that Bug of yours.

WeddingAlyss Charles