Sarah + Keyvan | La Jolla Engagement

Hear me out. Engagement sessions are the shit. Not just because you get gorgeous, fun photos with your favorite person. And not even just because you get to see how not-scary having your photos taken can be.

They’re the shit because you essentially get to hang out with each other laughing your faces off, while maybe throwing in a tiny makeout sesh here and there. My own personal fave part of these sessions is that it’s oftentimes the catalyst that shifts us from client-vendor relationship to real-life friends! I mean, hit me with that first phone call or coffee date with you, and we go from 0 to 60 real quick, but engagement sessions just seal the deal.

This was especially true with these clients turned friends, Sarah and Keyvan. Since these two lived in SF, Sarah and I first met via a glitchy FaceTime call. I knew I loved her from the get-go. It’s pretty easy to want to be friends with this one.

Finally getting to give her a huge hug and meet her man was the cherry on top. These two light up when they’re together, and are just straight up FUN together. I mean, you can just see it in their photos. Nothing is forced with Sarah and Keyvan. Loving each other and enjoying time together just comes natural. Straight up easy like Sunday morning.

Hanging with them on the beach was just a taste of the amazing time we’ll be having at their wedding next year. It can’t come soon enough!!

(and ya’ll NEED to hit me up next time you’re in town… drinks on me!)

LoversAlyss Charles