Jessie + David | Secluded Gardens Wedding

When a couple chooses to have a first look on their wedding day, the FEELS are so palpable that as a photographer, you can’t help but feel ridiculously lucky to be able to third wheel that. But when a bride pranks her ultimate jokester of a groom by sending out his brother, decked out in a wedding dress, for an epic surprise first look? You know your job as a photographer is the single dopest profession in the universe.

Jessie and David, we bow down! Even better? When Jessie actually did come out, they stood back to back instead of actually seeing each other and privately read their vows to one another. SOB. Laugh, sob, dance, shoot, eat cake. Like I said, this is the best profession of all time.

This wedding day was flawless: filled with a ridiculous amount of fun and deep, tear-introducing belly laughs. Watching these two say “I do” surrounded by the best people, bursting with joy, was awesome. Their story is pretty dang cute, too. Let’s discuss. They’re one of those “long time coming” couples. The officiant, Josh, told us how it all began: with a mission trip to New Orleans when they were both in high school. Instant puppy love, but when David left for school in Point Loma, they decided to take a little time off. Of course, they never stopped thinking about each other, so when David transferred to San Marcos, he and Jessie picked things right where they left off.

Fast forward 10 years and here we are. GETTING MARRIED AND ALL THAT!

I love so much about this couple and their amazing wedding day. I love that David couldn’t stop making Jessie laugh those belly laughs - the type you know that only he can get her to do - but then you’d watch him totally grin in that “I can’t believe I get to marry this woman” way that is just pure gold, guys. I love that you meet them and just know they’re best friends that are better together. I love that every single toast had everyone in attendance laughing so hard they were crying. I love the way Jessie looks at David, like she was counting her lucky stars, too. I love that their dance floor was total fire. I’m not kidding. My legs (and cheeks) still hurt from dancing and laughing! Every single guest was busting out the best moves the entire night!

Jessie and David, your wedding day was one that we didn’t want to end! It left us feeling insanely lucky that we were able to capture the best moments, with your best people, on the best day. Here’s to the best of the best always always always.

Photography: Honey Photographs | Coordination: Miss with the Assist | Wedding Venue: Secluded Garden Estate | MUA: Jessica Steingard Makeup | Catering: Kennedy’s Carne |

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