Simone + Griffin | Seven Degrees Laguna Wedding

I love that my job allows me to witness when two very different peeps fully see, accept, and embrace who each other are. Their quirks, their passions, their flaws, their fabulousness, their entire beings. Then we get to cheers, eat dessert, and dance our faces off.

Bonus points when the couple’s recessional song is “Everything is Awesome” and the grand entrance song is the Space Jam theme song. Meet Simone and Griffin.

I had a pretty good idea that this wedding was going to be everything fun when Simone explained her belief that a wedding should look like whatever the heck you want. What even are traditions? It’s the biggest party of your fricken’ life!

Our bride Simone is described best by her friends as the “type of friend everyone needs.” She’ll drop everything to be by your side - taking planes, trains, automobiles, probably horse and buggy if needed - just to get to you. She’ll sit with you for hours and watch Netflix, knowing when you don’t need to talk but just need... her. She is unique and hilarious, totally and completely herself, with this energy that makes you want to be around her.

Oh, and that dance floor? She owned it the entire night. 

Griffin is the ying to her yang. One of his best friend’s told the funniest story about knowing when Griffin was really serious about Simone. The friend had noticed Simone had been around for a few years and finally asked “So Griff, that girl? She’s around a lot! Are you two a thing?”

Griffin is a man of few words, but after a few awkward stalling noises, he said “Mmmhmm.” With that, Griffin’s best friend knew: any girl who could get him to say “Mmmhmm”  was going to be his future wife. 

These two said “I do” on their 10 year anniversary, surrounded by their people, an epic playlist, totally-them themed decor, old school arcade games, and even an “achievement unlocked: got married!” cake topper. Wait, did I mention the In-n-Out truck and custom logo they had made?! Oh. AND THE INFLATABLE UNICORN FIRST LOOK?! Yeah. F’ tradition.

Simone and Griffin, your big day was the raddest of rad, and no doubt the next level of your game will be your best yet: married life! 

WeddingAlyss Charles