Marisa + Kyle | Vibrant Aspen Engagement

Top 3 things I love about Marisa:

  1. Her cackle. It's infectious, distinct, and it fills the room.
  2. Those brains balanced perfectly with her ridiculous sense of humor. One second we can be discussing existentialism, and the next, we're dying over a stupid meme.
  3. Her there-for-you-ness. Living a few states away has never stopped this friend from being there for her loved ones.

Top 3 things I love about Kyle:

  1. His steadfastness. He may not get gushy-mushy with his words often, but this guy is constant with showing Marisa how much she means to him.
  2. His no-bull-attitude. This guy will say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done, and it's fantastically refreshing.
  3. What's it called when someone does things they may not be too keen on simply because they love the one they're doing it for? Whatever that is, that's Kyle.

Marisa is one of my best-best-best friends, and I've never seen her so secure and confident than when she's with Kyle. These two lovebirds are getting hitched next year (I finally get to be IN a wedding!), so it only made sense to take some kick-ass engagement photos in FREAKIN' ASPEN on my most recent trip out to visit them.


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