Audrey + Tyler | Bali Hai Vibrant Wedding

Audrey and Tyler. We were hooked from their first inquiry. Their wedding simply felt (and looked) look like everything Audrey told me she had dreamed of: FUN (major caps here), intimate, tropical... just pure magic basically. These two have found a rare kind of love that no distance or obstacle could ever break.

Tyler is a helicopter pilot serving in the Navy, preparing for a 7-month deployment (I’m not crying… you’re crying) and when I asked Audrey what she was most excited about for their upcoming big day, she gave me the sweetest answer. She said that after five years of girlfriend, she absolutely couldn’t wait to hear the Minister announce them as husband and wife.

Best story addition? Audrey’s mom played cupid! That’s right folks, Mama Bear spotted a group of guys out and about when she was helping move Audrey to Florida and bought them all a round of drinks as an ice breaker. TYLER WAS ONE OF THOSE GUYS AND THE REST IS HISTORY. All caps. I’m done. Bye. Mom wingman is the best kind of wingman!

These two wanted their wedding day to be stress-free for everyone: full of nothing but fun, laughter, dancing and pure unbridled celebration. Oh, and maybe a drink or two. Happy to report that never in our lives have we seen a dance floor so packed! Not joking. Not one single guest left that floor unless it was to grab another drink - THESE ARE OUR PEOPLE!

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, Audrey’s mom surprised them with an EPIC exit: light up bubble guns + a sailboat. Pretty much Audrey’s secret dream realized. Fine, I am crying.

We just love these two and their dedication to each other - loving one another no matter where they are in the world. Whether they’re sailing off on a boat, storming through a sea of bubbles, or making it through a deployment, they’re all in.

Cheers to you, Audrey and Tyler. May your forever be as full of ALL CAPS FUN as your wedding was.

WeddingAlyss Charles