Beauty + the Beast | Glam Inspired Shoot

I first fell in love with Beauty and the Beast when I was 5 years old. It was especially relevant for my young imaginative self who loved pretending she could read by making up stories based on the pictures in her books. The film’s leading lady, Belle, was a solid example for little ol' me to stay true to who I was. She taught us that bookish and smart is beautiful. What made her different from the rest is what ultimately gave her strength. It made her unique and interesting, and without her bookish romanticism she may not have had the ability to see the good in the Beast. She taught us to be brave, even when you feel scared. Courage isn't about the lack of fear, but about having the strength to face your Gastons – and to stand up for what's right.

Belle saves the day in more ways than one, and she does it in a smart skirt and heels. It was inspiring for me to watch a woman who also took charge, made sacrifices (taking her father’s place in the Beast’s castle), and finally lifted the beast’s spell through the power of love and seeing the good in people. This young woman becomes the ultimate hero by using courage, kindness, and compassion.

We loved imaging Belle as a modern day hero. Still radiating an inner beauty and strength, and because this is Disney, after all – and because I learned this particular lesson as a five-year-old – still rocking a sparkly, gold dress from The Dress Theory. We can thank our model for the amazing beastly beard, but that Friar Tux navy suit made him look absolutely princely. That leather bowtie? YEAH.

From our makeup artist to our florist, each of our amazing vendors couldn't stop raving about the influence this Disney princess had on their lives. Our lovely florist from Ruby Bloom nailed it was the moody nods to the Beast's cursed red rose. Sarah of Beauty Bespoken created the most gorgeous burgundy and gold inspired look for our model's makeup. That dark lip tho! The modern take on Belle's classic updo by Karisa Masing tied it all together gorgeously. 

Belle, you the real MVP and we can't wait to see you at the theaters!

LoversAlyss Charles