Marisa + David | East Coast Urban Wedding

The first time I spoke with Marisa, I was sipping on a latte in a noisy coffeeshop in San Diego while she was dusting popcorn ceiling debris from hair in her house in Washington, DC. Neither one of us had figured a video chat into our mornings; it was the spontaneity of the situation and the hilarity of trying to figure out how GoogleChat worked that sealed our relationship. That, and the novel-like emails we sent back and forth. Now, that's enough about myself and this amazing woman. Let me tell you about Marisa and David. When I think of these two, I recall this quote:

"You are you, and I am I. And if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful." - Frederick Perls

Marisa is art. David is science. The two subjects seem like polar opposites. Stereotypically, one is data-driven and dominated by analytical introverts. The other is emotionally driven by expressive free spirits. But they both ask the same big questions: "What is true?" and "Why does that truth matter to the world?" Artists and scientists both search deeply, sometimes wanderingly. They approach problems with a similar mindset. Open and inquisitive. The unknown isn't something to be feared, but rather to be discovered. They prefer to leap rather than to take incremental steps.  Artists and scientists are natural partners.  When they come together, the outcomes are exponentially more valuable than when they are apart.

Marisa and David are who they are and they compliment each other in the most powerful way. They found each other and it is beautiful.


Photography: Honey Photographs by Alyss

Getting Ready Site: Hotel Tabard Inn

Ceremony and Reception: The Stroga