Erin + Ray | Bright and Playful Wedding

Our favorite part of Ray's vows to Erin was when he voiced that he would fail at times as her husband. He wouldn't always get this marriage thing right. But it would pain him to his depths every time, and he vowed to get back up after every failure, ready to fight for their love. He would be open to learning how to best love her, and in the process become the best version of himself.

This is love. The nitty-gritty, sometimes messy, but always rich true love that comes with vulnerably sharing your life with someone. It's not some Hollywood love. It's the real deal with Erin and Ray. Erin's soul is adventurous, free-spirited (this girl went barefoot all day and we LOVED it), and so very accepting. It's that sense of acceptance that creates a safe place for growth. Ray knows she will be there ready to accept who he is as their lives evolve and as things change, as they inevitably do in life.

And Erin? Well, she KNOWS that she is cherished and adored and treasured by her man because he just can't stop telling her so! Together these two bring some serious party energy. Their happiness is contagious! We couldn't help but cut a rug with the guests a few times as the evening drew to a close.

We started our day with them just before the ceremony, where they did a "faux" first look. Keeping their eyes closed the whole time, these two held hands and prayed for their marriage. It was pretty freakin' adorable. It's a toss up between what was our favorite part of the rest of the day: Ray's face when Erin walked down the aisle, their faces the moment the best man started rapping his vows, their sunlight portrait session, or when bubbles started bursting into the air on the dance floor. CAN'T CHOOSE WON'T CHOOSE. Just all of it.

Wedding Photographer: HONEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALYSS | Venue: Willow Creek | Event Planner: Elyzabeth Lafica | DJ & Lighting: Vawx Events | Videography: JB Norman | Hair Styling: Tori Wolf | Makeup Artist: Brides Amore | Gown: Sparrow Bridal | Flower Girl Gown: Sicilian Gypsy

WeddingAlyss Charles