Escondido Backyard Wedding Desiree + Matt

There's nothing quite like a backyard, rainy day wedding. Tents put up the night before. Furniture moved and carpet laid down to create an indoor cocktail hour. Flowers and decorations blowing away with each gust of wind. All these last minute changes can set the stage for some anxiety for the bride and groom. But not this bride and groom. Desiree and Matt took everything in stride, and it was a beautiful display of a couple with their priorities set straight. It wasn't about the flowers or the big white tents or where exactly cocktail hour would take place. For them, the day was all about committing to each other in front of their family and friends. It was about tearing up the dance floor with some of their favorite people.

I never once heard Des or Matt complain about the weather. In fact, Desiree even said to me that she hoped it would drizzle during their portraits because umbrellas were pretty stinking cute. Though the rain let up after the ceremony, the sweet looks these two gave each other proved that Desiree and Matt didn't need umbrellas to look pretty stinking cute.