Kaitlyn + Jean | Sweet Woodsy Engagement

There’s this thing about Kaitlyn and Jean. It’s a palpable energy surrounding them, like an invisible glow. When Jean looks at Kaitlyn, her face lights up and she lets out the cutest giggle. Jean's bright eyes crease at the ends in a way that appears he’s always on the verge of a smile. Their story is extra special, because it's more than just boy-meets-girl-and-instantly-falls-in-love. Jean fell in love with more than just Kaitlyn's infectious smile and positive outlook on life. He also fell head over heels for Kaitlyn's sweet little girl, Roxy.

This lucky dude gets to love on two gorgeous girls, and boy does he snuggle up to them well. We photographed the beginnings of these 3 uniting as one big-happy-snuggly-giggly family at Felicita Park in Escondido, and the sun graced us with some serious golden light.

We can't wait for their San Diego wedding this January!

LoversAlyss Charles