Joy + Penina | Tropical Vibes Wedding

Fact: we cry at every wedding. The tears start a flowin' usually during the vows, and then again during the dances with any and all parents. But this wedding? We cried all day. The flood gates opened at the first look and then just never closed. The guests had our backs though and continued to hand us tissues. That's community right there. Joy and Penina's wedding day was just THAT joyful. Their love was THAT palpable.

The support and spirit of celebration from their friends and family was THAT authentic. Oh geez... here come the tears again as we reflect on the day. See, these two persevered to get to this day. It was pretty much love at first site when Joy first saw Penina from across the dance floor and simply said to her friends, "That one!" Fearless Joy introduced herself to Penina, and as they say, the rest is history. These two fit like puzzle pieces. Penina is a calm, quiet smile in the morning while Joy is a laughter-filled grin in the evening. When "love" isn't a strong enough word, they use the word "Zawnaw".

My Zawnaw: my support, my partner-in-crime, my lover, my comforter, my refuge, my teammate, my confidante, my beauty, my wife.

Joy and Penina got themselves wifed up on a gorgeous, sunny day at Leo Carillo Ranch in Carlsbad. The day was a fun-filled, hardcore party, complete with traditional Hawaiian dances... even one performed by Penina herself! We were so honored to be a part of this day. Joy and Penina, thank you for inviting us into your lives. We love you!

Wedding Photographer: HONEY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALYSS | Venue: Leo Carillo Ranch | Event Planner/Rentals: Personal Touch Dining | DJ & Lighting: Sound Prodigy | Floral Design: Elements of Style |PhotoBooth: All Shots Photo Booths |

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