Mara + Connor | Cotton Candy Sky Engagement

A few math problems for you. Mara + Connor + tons o' bushes x cotton candy sunset skies = PERFECTION!

Also, if you have 2 labradors and multiply their energy by 8 because they encounter a pack of EIGHT dogs having a doggie photoshoot in the same spot as you, how long into the photoshoot will the labradors last? Answer: about 5 minutes.

We love Mara and Connor for many reasons, and one of them is that they laughed with each other in the midst of handling big love bug doggies. My afternoon with them at Los Penasquitos Canyon was filled with everything we love: hugs, belly laughs, and wit bouncing back and forth. And oh man... a sky that took out breaths away. Mara and Connor ended our afternoon together cuddling in close and savoring the way the pinks and oranges painted themselves across the clouds. It was a true cotton candy sky.

Lovebirds, we cannot WAIT for you wedding next year!

LoversAlyss Charles