Nikki + Josh | Hometown Sunny Engagement

It was supposed to rain, the creek had flooded over, and the trails were going to be covered in mud. But the conditions didn't phase these two one bit. Nikki and Josh are people I want to be besties with (heck, Nikki and I have concluded that we're basically the same person); they don't sweat the small stuff and instead, focus on what really matters.

Like tromping through mud in cute sandals for the sake of some kick-ass engagement photos. We found pockets of sunshine in what can only be referred to as a fluke fairy-tale like forest in Los Penasquitos Canyon, and then ventured over to their old stomping grounds of downtown Escondido before the rain got the best of us. Nikki and Josh, I cannot WAIT for your December wedding. Thank you for hanging out with me and my camera for the afternoon!