Nikki + Josh | Vintage Garden Wedding

What a way to end our year of awesome weddings! If you read our last post, The Best of 2016, then you know that this past year was one of investing in real friendships with our couples and Nikki and Josh were no exception. I can recall when we first met each other at our local Starbucks how easily we all hit it off. So easily in fact that Josh even left Nikki and I to our chit-chatting while he grabbed a pizza to bring back to the table! We had moved beyond wedding talk and got down to the meat of what defines this couple.

These two value deep friendship in each other, because at the end of a tough day, truly knowing the hearts of each other is what gets them through. These two are brave enough to call each other out (I've seen it and it's so refreshing and loving!), and they're strong enough to handle some tough love. They're very different in a lot of respects but instead of wanting to conform the other to their own ways, they celebrate and recognize the good in their differences.

They're so so so incredibly encouraging and supporting of each other. This past year, I've watched from the sidelines as Nikki finished some extended education and navigated her way through a very trying work situation. All along, Josh was there to push her to greatness. He was there for the times she needed to vent, cry, and then celebrate. He's her calm in the storm.

These two poops... wait, did I forget to mention they call each other this? And not just "Poop", but also any variation on the term. Poopster, Pooperina, Poop-poop-ba-doop, Poopie. And apparently they have a song about it, too, that I have yet to have the privilege to hear. One day. One day. Anyway, these two poops became Mr. and Mrs. Poop on an absolutely gorgeous day at Green Gables Wedding Estate. The florals and decor by Christine Petal Planners were to die for! Give me those dark, rich florals all day. It's not an exaggeration when I say that everything was PERFECT for their day!

Nikki and Josh, we love ya so much!

WeddingAlyss Charles