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How do I describe Rachel and Greg? Let me start with Rachel. She and I are not allowed to sit next to each other at book club because we laugh too much. She is the most truthful person I know and has a way of inspiring that in others. When Rachel is talking with you, her interest and attentiveness make you feel like what you're talking about will solve the problems of the world. Even if you're talking about the fact that you ate a whole box of Cheezits the other night. She loves quirks and the weird and the little joys.

Rachel is real and refreshing.

Now, Greg. Greg is one of those people whose presence just calls for everyone to chiiiiilllllll. And just when everyone thinks they couldn't be more relaxed, he delivers the wittiest one-liner in his calm, surfer guy voice. He is kind and patient and loves Rachel fiercely.

Soon, this surfer guy and quirky girl are going to welcome a little boy named Frank. I already call him Frankie and he's in for one amazing adventure with parents such as these!

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