Kaitlyn + Jean | Thunderstorm Wedding

If there's any takeaway from our time spent with Kaitlyn and Jean, it's that people are what's important, and everything else is second. When you focus on family and friends and each other, then things like an insane rainstorm on your wedding day don't really seem to matter any more. This was a wedding for the books! And not just because we got to do the first look in the pouring rain with awesome umbrellas. Kaitlyn and Jean's day was also made up of all these little, simple moments that spoke volumes to their relationship.

Kaitlyn and Jean getting ready in the same room with her daughter Roxy jumping around in her pajamas. Kaitlyn pausing in her gown to brush Roxy's hair and speak gently to her. Jean's mom lovingly gazing at Kaitlyn as she went through her to-do list one last time. Jean cuddling Roxy and giving her tickles while waiting patiently in line at the courthouse. The whole family rocking out the the Hamilton soundtrack on the way to the reception. Kaitlyn letting Roxy sneak tic-tacs here and there as her reward for being on her very best behavior. Forgoing the umbrellas and sprinting through the parking lot, laughing the entire time.

They know what matters, and they celebrate that. Their joy radiates and affects all those around them, and we drove home with gratitude for having been witness to their love, soaking wet, and full of great stories!

WeddingAlyss Charles