Stephanie + Jeff | Sand Dunes Engagement

Every photographer has a “bucket list” of shoots and I’m pretty much sitting here pinching myself that we got to cross one of ours off the list with the DREAMIEST SHOOT EVER ALL CAPS INTENDED, THANK YOU. Gah. Stephanie and Jeff, I freaking ADORE you two and the moments we got to create together. This engagement session was out of this world.

Stephanie - you’re my girl. You knew you were my girl from the moment we met - we just clicked in that dope, instantaneous way. It came as zero shock to anyone that once we met Jeff, we felt that same sense of connection. Even cooler? When we get to take that connection to those most epically beautiful location to capture the love between these two incredible people.

Dramatically stunning sand dunes made the perfect backdrop to Stephanie’s GORGEOUS candy-apple red gown with a train that had me feeling the feeeeeelings. She was serving up looks that from the first shot, so much so that I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite. Jeff was pure perfection in the classic black and white look and the way he watched Stephanie livin’ out her best dang life was everything you’d ever hope for and then some! I swear, these two made the entire day feel like

The entire day came together magically, even though the three hour drive out to the sand dunes and a few hiccups along the way had us sweating that we’d miss the sunset... Stephanie and Jeff arrived just as the sun hit that perfect golden spot: long shadows cast across the sand, Stephanie’s fiery train doing so much work it could have seriously stopped traffic in LA, these two meshing together in a way that had me thinking “THIS IS THE SHOT” one thousand times.

Turns out, I was right. I can’t pick a favorite picture. I can tell you this though: I am counting down the days until we get to shoot these two beautiful souls again.

LoversAlyss Charles