Elle + Justin | Santa Monica Urban Babes

Dude. Quit my day job. And what better way to launch into this unknown than to attend a workshop in the #blessed city of Santa Monica to learn from your numero uno all-time fave photographer, Lauren Scotti?! 

As was expected, I straight fangirled when I ran into her at Sidecar Donut before the workshop began. Like, squeezed her way too tightly. But the fangirling didn't stop there... the 20 other women in attendance had me straight SHOOK. I basically was living one of my favorite quotes:

"Who you surround yourself with greatly affects how you see your world and how high you set the bar for yourself." | Jen Sincero

I'm SHOOK by all the talent I saw there. Talk about inspiring us to step up our game this year! So, bascially... FYI... if any couples wanna meet me downtown to play in the sun, CALL ME ON MY CELLLLL PHONE.

LoversAlyss Charles