Shapiro Estate Wedding Bethany + Daniel

Daniel knew that Bethany was the one when he saw her running circles around the other guys on the soccer field. Going home a champion, Bethany told her sister that there was this really cute guy on field but that he was "a baby", as he was a year younger than her. This was an unfortunate assessment of Daniel as potential boyfriend material, because despite his efforts, Daniel could not seem to grow older than Bethany. Go figure. Nevertheless, their love of soccer and working with a local high school church group drew them closer. It finally took a mutual friend stealing Bethany's cell phone to break the ice between these two close friends. On Bethany's behalf, this friend texted Daniel over-the-top messages of her undying love for him. It took only a few uses of the phrase "thou art" and the pet name "snookums" to clue Daniel in that it wasn't Bethany actually texting, but it was enough to open the door to finally revealing their true feelings for one another.

One of the first things I heard these two say to each other during their first look was, "It's finally today!" And with a lot of laughs, kisses as the sun set, killer moves under the glow of twinkle lights, and a departure with cheers and sparklers, Bethany and Daniel celebrated in full force that it was finally today.

Thank you for letting me a part of such a beautiful day!


Second Shooter: Pauline Conway Photography

Venue: Shapiro Estate, Escondido

Wedding Planner: Elyzabeth Fraser