Marisa + Kyle | Temecula Rustic DIY Wedding

Shortly after Kyle popped the question, Marisa came over and we gushed over alllllll the details of her dream wedding. Somewhere in between debating rose gold vs silver and a long sleeved gown vs open back, she asked me to be her wedding photographer. It's like I had been waiting for that question from the moment I knew Kyle was going to propose. "YESSS gurrrrrrl," came out before she could finish the question. Fast forward a few months, and I received a package in the mail from Marisa. We Skyped as I opened the gift, shrieking (yet again) when I held up a shirt that said, "Will you be my photographer bridesmaid??" All the dancing lady emojis!

I got to be in the deep trenches, the thick of it, the nitty gritty. Our absolute favorite thing about weddings is the level of vulnerability that we get to capture. And what a freakin' trip down intimacy lane it is to snuggle under blankets at 7am with your Bride-friend and all the other bridesmaids while everyone talks about love/farts/memories.  

What an honor to be the one to capture that moment that Kyle's breath was literally taken away by Marisa's beauty during the first look. Or to hear her cackle first-hand as Kyle whispered whatever-it-is-he-whispered into her ear (I'm not gonna ask... I don't wanna know...). And don't even get me started on how much I cried like a baby as we captured the moment Marisa pinned a flower from her bouquet into her mom's hair during the ceremony. 

Two things about Marisa and Kyle: they looooove smooching, and they looooooove laughing. Just wait until you see the most amazing golden hour portraits!

Guys, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU! Thank you for letting us have such an intimate role in your day. Muah!


WeddingAlyss Charles