Melissa + Kyle | Vintage Flair Wedding

When I first meet with my clients, one of the things I ask is, "So how did you two meet?" I just adore a good love story. My favorite part is probably watching how a couple retells their story. The way they look at each other and smile before beginning. The way they laugh at the same parts. The way in which they pick up where the other left off, or add in details here and there for each other. It's a telling that feels like home to them.

After 9 years of dating, Kyle and Melissa have told their story countless times. They still had the smile in their eyes as they retold it to me. And finally, on this day, they got to add a new chapter to their story. They celebrated their wedding day with a lot of my very favorite things.

Soft, romantic colors. Vintage decor. Lace and candles. A vintage car photobooth. An ice cream cart and a cotton candy machine. And lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Oh yeah. And glowsticks.