10 Podcasts for the Creative Entrepreneur

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Raise your hand if you’re a hustling, bad ass entrepreneur or simply someone trying to carve their own path in this world.

(this is all of you…)

Keep your hand if you feel like about 98% of your day is spent feeding your task list, that next project or idea, the boring admin side of things, etc. leaving very little time to feed your mind or focus on personal development. Keep raising if you feel like you don’t have much time to breathe or take a step back to truly think about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you want to do next.

My hand is still waving high. I get it. When there’s so much on our plates, when is there time to feed our minds and our hearts?

Today, I’m here to provide some tools for ya. Podcasts have been such a gift in my life, especially during busy seasons when setting aside sessions for reflection, educational reading, and even brainstorming weren’t something that I felt I could fit into my schedule. With podcasts though? Those babies can be filling my head and heart as I design, edit, backup files, or even drive to the store for more coffee.

The following gems are full of so much knowledge, inspiration, tips and encouragement for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to build successful and sustaining businesses while also not losing their minds or humanity. Here’s to growing amazing lives for yourselves!

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1. The Goal Digger Podcast

This was the very first podcast I listened to when I started my business! Speaking with the candor of a best friend sitting across from you at a coffee shop, she imparts both practical steps to taking your creative business to the next level as well as touching on the often emotional toll of growing a business in the creative field.

I’ve learned everything from the necessity of having solid legal protection, to how to avoid emotional and creative burnout.

Recent faves:

5 Mindset Shifts to Take You to the Next Level

How to Balance Being Multipassionate

Why You Need a Brand, Not a Business

2. Accidental Creative

Wanna learn about balance in the workplace? Want some tips on how to be a great team leader? This podcast’s mission is to help creatives “strike the perfect balance between art and business.” Via interviews with artists and business leaders, you’ll learn strategies and everyday practices that will help you (and your team) stay on top of you game in work and life.

Recent faves:

Design Your Business to Run Itself

How to Deal with a Crushing Workload

Discover Your Productive Passion

3. After the Jump

Grace Bonney is straight up rad. She's the brain behind Design Sponge and began an amazing run of 100 episodes of this blog. The subject matter is ecclectic and presented via a series of interviews with artists and independent business owners. Topics range from ranging from dealing with creative jealousy to killer social media, and from becoming your brand to changing the pay rates for creatives. Each of the 100 episodes is gold!

Recent faves:

Being Your Brand

Turning Fear Into Courage in Life and Business

The Importance of Taking Risks

4. The Creative Pep Talk

As much as host Andy covers inspiration, burnout, block, and motivation (the pep talk part), he also dives into the business side of creating for a living: finding clients, navigating social media, marketing, money… This podcast is equal parts self-help for creatives and a fantastic podcast to listen to when you’ve hit a creative block. If you’re lacking inspiration, listen to Creative Pep Talk to kick yourself back into shape!

Recent faves:

Finding Peak Creative Performance

Do the Opposite of Going Viral

How to Get Super Psyched About Your Work (Especially When Things Are Hard)

5. Make It Happen

Wanna talk about heart junk? This podcast is for you. Host Jen Carringston’s mission in starting this safe space was to “help purpose-driven creatives cultivate and build impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative lives.” She’s all about building businesses with purpose and heart. Via interviews, this podcast provides actionable steps for building impactful biz. If a creative with a big heart who feels all the feels, put this gem on your queue.

Recent faves:

Nobody is Going to Do Your Business (Or Your Life) For You

The Joyful Grind

The Real Work Happens When Nobody is Looking

6. Style Your Mind

The Style Your Mind podcast by Cara Alwill has been my go-to lately. The podcast is for “every woman on the edge of change who is ready to reinvent herself, elevate her thinking, and transform her life.” A myriad of topics are covered from getting clear on your goals, how to handle rejection, and knowing your worth. My fave though is that she often touches on mental health issues within owning your own biz. Mega inspo coming your way!

Recent faves:

Staying Sane with Social Media and Technology

Mental Health, Boundaries, and New Levels as a Successful Woman

Why the Grit is More Inspiring Than the Glamour

7. 10,000 Hours

I always tell my son that nobody was born an expert, and I know the creators of this podcast, Grant Spanier & Vince Koci, would agree. This show is based on Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that “any given skill takes ten thousand hours to master.” 10,000 HOURS is a weekly discussion about the different ways people work hard to do what they love. Hear about craft, creativity, entrepreneurship, living your passion, and everything else that goes into becoming an expert. Which is a lot.

Recent faves:

Lalita Ballesteros - Enthusiasm

Cullen Fitzpatrick - Make It Work

Grant & Vince - Systems

8. Happier

Short and simple, this podcast teaches its listeners how to live out their best life. If you've got a side hustle going on, or just want to consider adding some healthy habits into your life, then this is your go to. She gives unmissable life hacks that will seriously change your life. The episodes are short and sweet and are guaranteed to make your day a little happier.

Recent faves:

Hacks to Make the Holidays Happier

Shield Yourself From Worry

Boost Your Energy and a Deep Dive Into Loneliness

9. Brand Ambition

While heart work and personal growth are vital to running a happy business, practicality and action goals are just as necessary. Geared toward newer entrepreneurs, this podcast mixes interview-driven episodes and short, practical tip-based shows. Content is highly focused on building a kick ass, solid brand for your business from day one.

Recent faves:

Surprising Ways to Be More Authentic in Your Branding

Break Through Your Money Blocks

Is Perfectionism Killing Your Business?

10. The Strategy Hour

I’ve been following the ladies from Think Creative Collective for about a year now in their Facebook group and on Instagram, and they started The Strategy Hour podcast a few months ago. Their podcasts are always packed with amazing content for entrepreneurs, from time management tips to making money to scaling your business and persevering through tough times. Definitely a fun, go-to podcast!

Recent faves:

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Giving Competition the Middle Finger

Friend So Hard - Maintaining Friendships While Hustling From Home

Have fun listening and learning, babes!

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